Thursday, 6 January 2011

Still waiting on a reply.....

This all started with this picture:

No, that is not me, but a well edited photo of a dear friend of mine Dan that appeared on Facebook. The comments that followed made him respond by 'Un-friending' me, the 21st century way, of telling someone they're a prick. I simply messaged him to complain about his lack of sense of humor. I'm still waiting for a reply.


  1. Hot damn, I clicked on the reply in the image instead of the actual comment section.

  2. Well... what you posted seems completely out of context. So yeah.

  3. Facebook seems to be a pretty good source of conflict these days.

  4. dan doesn't seem that cool, from my point of views it doesn't sound like he was a great loss :P

    also not sure if the situation gets any better by posting that same pic again on your blog hehe.

    following you now!
    feel free to give it a click :)

  5. lol! I'm liking this so far..

  6. Drama, can never get enough